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Where Venice meets Vienna – Guest Blog

by Editorial Staff


June 22, 2022


Celebrate your Anniversary or Honeymoon in the country of love and in the city of love, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Did you know there is a European country the size of New Jersey? Moreover, that country has only 2 million people.

Slovenia is a young country, independent since 1991. Before it was one of the six Yugoslavian republics.

Slovenians are actually Slavs, however, interestingly; its country’s name holds the English word love S-LOVE-NIA. It is situated between North- Eastern part of Italy, southern part of Austria, Small part of Hungary, on East and on South borders to Croatia and there is a tiny part of Adriatic sea- as part of the Mediterranean sea- as well.

Geographically it has an excellent position: this is the place where all above-mentioned ethnical groups meet. And our capital Ljubljana? Even better: I know, it is a bit difficult to pronounce it name (a kind as: Loo-blah-nah, although we should add j as well: J in our language is pronounced as Y in English). Never mind, we will practice it when you come. The most important thing is, that this complicated name is a Slavic word for love: LJUB- shortly: beloved: Ljubljana is beloved city.

Tell me, do you need more reasons to cheer your love in Ljubljana?

No worries, here are some ideas:


  • Ljubljana is on the continent; however, there is a river Ljubljanica. There are many coffee shops and restaurants along the river, bringing a touch of Mediterranean flair.
  • We have many bridges: well, not as many as in Venice, however, we have a little Rialto bridge.
  • We have been a part of the Austrian empire for almost 600 years. Vienna was even our capital: numerous intellectuals studied there and brought back home a touch of Vienna as well.


So, why to go to all these places, if you can experience them in one city?

Well, just in case, you would still like to visit them, no problem, they are just 3 hours by car from Ljubljana- a perfect day escape.

Still not sure? Join me on one of my Private Live Virtual Tours: there will be plenty of possibilities to talk about your wishes and experiences.

Slovenia is excellent for slow travelers, those ones, who would like to indulge in local, European culture. Come, visit us, your love deserves that!

By Mateja Kregar Gliha

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