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Horseback Riding Tours – Lesson Learned

by Editorial Staff


September 25, 2021


Let’s file this vacation story under “Lessons Learned”

We live on a small farm in Oregon with your typical farm animals (dogs, chickens, goats and a couple of horses).  It is big enough to keep us busy seven days a week, but not big enough to make a living on.  And even though we have a couple horses, we are not avid riders, but occasional “equestrians”.

For my husbands first Caribbean vacation, he was all excited when I mentioned a horseback riding tour being offered.  He was picturing himself cantering across the sand and riding through the water.  Thus, this was not meant to be…….

On our trip in Italy, there was a day tour offered that included a horse ride through the Florence countryside with a stop at a local Chianti winery.  It sounded like a match made in heaven.  Keep in mind that my husbands sees himself as “Mr. Darcy” (Colin Firth) in Pride and Prejudice.  He again pictured himself galloping across the fields and enjoying wine as we go.  Again, this was not meant to be……

Typical horseback riding tours are a wonderful experience for those new to riding that want to safely experience riding through picturesque countryside.  The horses know what they are doing, since they often do the same ride several times a day, and generally like to stay in line.  The ride leader may let you trot your horse periodically, but walking is the norm for these rides.

Lesson Learned:  My tip for the more advanced riders is to do some research and ask questions about what is allowed on the ride.  There are some equestrian centers that allow more advance riders to “canter across the countryside”, you just have to look.

Thinking about it afterwards, I guess riding across the countryside stopping at wineries along the way is probably an insurance nightmare.  It sounds like tons of fun, but probably not responsible.  And yes, that is my husband, “Mr. Darcy”, in the photo.

By:  Jill Renae Rodriguez