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Choosing The Right Tour Group For You

by Editorial Staff


January 26, 2023


Choosing The Right Tour Group For You

A Guide For Women


“It doesn’t matter where you’re going — it’s who you go with that makes it fun!” —Unknown


All you have to do is google “Women’s Group Tours” to see how much demand there is for women to find travel tours.  Women want to travel, but not necessarily alone. With all the options out there, how do you choose the one that is right for you?

Start by deciding on what is important to you by asking yourself:

  • Are you okay with being part of a large tour group of 40+ people, or do you prefer something smaller with less than 20 travelers?
  • Do you want to travel with others of similar age?
  • Do you want to travel with a co-ed group or women only?  
  • Are you comfortable traveling internationally or would this be your first time?
  • What do you want to experience on the tour?
  • If you are a solo traveler, do they offer roommate matching?
  • Do they offer opportunities to connect with the other travelers before and after the tour?  
  • Do you like the idea of having an experienced travel host?


Size Of Group

This is an important factor in deciding which group tour to join.  Larger groups of 40+ travelers can offer considerable savings, but are you able to get to know all those other travelers? If making friendships and connections is one of your priorities, then you might want to look for tours that have a smaller maximum number of travelers.

Age Of Travelers

Group trips can comprise of travelers from many age ranges.  If you are hoping to travel with a group that is only adults, then make sure to read through the tours policies.  Different travel groups cater to different demographics, so make sure you find one that matches your desires.

Co-Ed vs. Women Only

You might not think that this is an important factor, but when women travel together, they feel more free to express themselves without being self conscious.  When women get together, they often feel that they can “let their hair down.”  If this describes you, then a women’s only tour might be just what you are looking for.

Women only tours offer the opportunity to make new friendships and connections as well.  This can be one of the biggest draws for women.  As we get older, making new friendships can be difficult, and this can be a great way to gain new friends with a common interest.

New International Traveler

Women can be hesitant to sign up for an international group tour if they have never traveled outside their country.  From making sure you have all the documents you need, to when you leave for the trip, this can cause major anxiety.  Does the group offer opportunities to discuss everything you need beforehand so you are reassured you are prepared?  

The most stressful part of traveling is often the day you leave your hometown until you arrive at the destination.  Will someone meet you at the airport on arrival?  There is nothing that can be more stressful than coming out of customs and feeling lost.  If you know someone will be there right outside customs waiting for you, it can make a world of difference.


Most group tour companies will have trips that are on your dream bucket list. Make sure to read through the itineraries to see what areas, sights and meals may be included.  Is there some free time to explore on your own? Do they offer time to experience local customs and cuisine?  What ratings are the accomodations (budget vs. first class)?  These are all questions you should ask yourself and be able to find in the itinerary.

Roommate Matching

If you are a solo traveler and don’t want to pay a single occupancy price, do they offer to match you up with a roommate?  Check to see how they match up roommates, whether it’s random or through a questionnaire.  

Connecting With Other Travelers

For women, building friendships and connections is one of the biggest draws to travel groups.  Do they offer opportunities to get to know other people that will be traveling with you beforehand?  That can mean having Zooms, group chats, an online community, and even more before departure.  

Traveling with a group of other women often leads to long lasting friendships after a trip. That is one of the biggest benefits to travel groups.  Is there a community available for the group, that you can be part of to stay in contact with everyone?  It can be easy to lose contact with new friends if there is not an easy way to encourage future dialog.  

Tour Hosts

Do they have tour hosts and do you get to know them before the tour?  Tour hosts are experienced travelers that are involved from the planning stages, then travel with the group the duration of the tour.  They are there to help take care of any issues that may arise and make sure the itinerary runs smoothly.  This is not offered in some travel groups, so look for ones that do, if this is important to you.

With all the availability of group travel opportunities out there, I hope this has helped you narrow down your search.  Whether you are looking for a group for just one trip, or one that you can continue to join on future travels, I hope you find one that fits your dreams.


“My biggest joy is bringing women together and watching new long lasting friendships develop” – Jill Renae Rodriguez


By:  Jill Renae Rodriguez