Cherry Blossoms in Japan

by Editorial Staff


February 3, 2022


I confess that I am a “Tree Hugger” by nature along with being a general plant enthusiast.  Anytime someone expresses an interest in visiting various gardens on their travels, I get excited.  Then, if you combine both Japan and gardens?…..I am beside myself.

One of the more difficult requests I receive is the desire to experience the cherry blossoms in Japan.  If you do not plan ahead, you are often left with spending a lot of time in Japan waiting for the blooms (not that that is a bad thing), missing them all together, or having to schedule a last minute flight.

Annual Forecast:  Traveling to Japan to see the cherry blossom season is so popular, that forecasts of blooming dates start coming out in January each year.  The forecast is generally based on temperatures over the fall and winter combined with the projected temperatures for the remaining months. (The warmer the season, the earlier the bloom). To make it even more difficult, the southern parts of the island can bloom quite a bit sooner than the north.

All this planning and tracking the forecast may seem excessive to some, but keep in mind that most of these tree varieties bloom for a maximum of about 2 weeks.

Travel Tip:  My suggestion is to start planning your trip in January based on the forecasts, but be flexible in the areas to visit while in Japan.  Generally, late March to the early part of April is a good time to visit (based on the 2020 forecast), but be prepared to head either north or south to see the splendors of cherry blossoms. Every year is different.

Good Luck and make sure to send me some photos!

By: Jill Renae Rodriguez