New York City

by Editorial Staff


May 20, 2021


Practically everybody in New York has half a mind to write a book – and does.”  Groucho Marx

New York City is not for everybody (cough cough my husband), but for others it is love at first sight.  This was true for my college bound daughter.  It was where she wanted to go for her high school graduation trip, and it was on that trip that she decided she wanted to go back to finish her college degree.  (She wants to be a book publisher, hence the quote above).  

We packed our bags from the opposite side of the country and headed out.  Of course I have been there on several occasions, so I was elected to be the official tour guide and the one in charge of public transportation.  I can honestly boast that we did not get lost or on the wrong subway at any time (Thanks to the Citymapper app).  Where was this great technology 20 years ago?

We did the usual first timer sights:



We had a great trip and made amazing memories.  And now that she is all settled in for the next couple years, I have a great excuse to visit New York more often and a free place to stay….well not so free, since I make payments every month!  Let me know if you questions or want any tips on traveling around the city and what should not be missed!

By:  Jill Renae Rodriguez